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Adventures of Mexico 🇲🇽

Guanajuato, Mexico, June 2021

Finally managed to go to Mexico! One of the countries that always inspired me, but appeared too far away to visit. My adventure (and this trip) to Mexico started years ago in Bangkok of Thailand. This is where I met Carlos, my first (ever) teacher of Spanish. We became friends. Later, Carlos got married to Ploy and moved back to his native city of Aguascalientes (central part of the country). We however always stayed in touch, and as I moved to Panama in 2019, it would be nearly a sin not to visit Carlos and his family! Ah... and on the way to Aguascalientes, I stopped in Mexico City, where I was looked after by Saul, a your tourist guide, who loves his city and was able to pass his passion to me!

Mexico is all what I expected and even more. Amazingly friendly people, stunning architecture, wonderful nature, wonderful food, and music. While I have not seen lots of the country, very little of what I visited made me fall in love with the country!
Well just look at the pictures yourself, and enjoy (click here to access the gallery)!