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The end of the year in Argentina 🇦🇷

Buenos Aires, Argentina, December 2021

I absolutely love Argentina, and I consider it to be one of my favourites in the world! I was very lucky in December 2021. Just found a perfect timing between the 4th and 5th wave of COVID-19 and managed to get to Argentina for 2 weeks. The purpose of the trip was to visit the projects in the north of the country (Disaster Preparedness in various municipalities inhabited by indigenous communities). But hence the trip coincided with weekends and actual Christmas, I also had a few days off to enjoy the charms of Buenos Aires.

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A quick visit to Brussels 🇧🇪🇳🇱🇪🇺

Brussels, Belgium, December 2021

It all happened so fast. A couple of phone calls from my headquarter, and it was clear that I needed to travel to Brussels, just for one day... so that I could arrange some administrative hurdles that it was impossible to deal with remotely from Panama. It was a very tiring trip, but somehow successful - as I managed to do what I needed to. As I already travelled so far, I tried to enjoy the city a bit and went out in the evening and for a walk too. Here are the pictures of the adventure!

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