Travelling and exploring the world

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Since being a little boy, I have always dreamt of exploring the world. Being born disabled and in a communist country, where travelling was considered to be a privilege to be exercised only by the most influential members of the society - I worried that my physical condition, and a lack of access to a passport would never allow me to see the world. Yet somehow, the fun of exploring our planet has been granted to me, in the most extraordinary and unexpected manner. Not only I travel for pleasure… my whole professional life is defined by reaching out to new places, discovering new situations, new people and new cultures! I am so very lucky! And yes, the lesson here is that one should never give up on dreams! They do come true! Well, the dream of being able to explore the world worked out for a little boy, from a little provincial town in southern Poland.

The above map indicates places that I have had a chance to visit and experience so far.

Here are some of the travel resources that I often use, and you may want to explore:

Obidos: An official website of Obidos, a town in Portugal, which has become my adopted home.

Nowy Sacz: An official website of Nowy Sacz, a town where I was born and brought up, southern part of Poland.

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Caracas: An official website of Caracas Municipality, the capital city of Venezuela, where I moved in August 2023. The website is in Spanish language.
Residency, family and life in the European Union: A website with links and resources on issues concerning travelling to and within the EU. Also resources related to settling down, working and living in the EU countries.

Coconuts: A great service with news from South East Asian countries.

Descobrir Portugal: A site promoting sites of Portugal. Some wonderful pictures of the country and some good inspirational ideas on what to see in the country, if you plan to visit. Service in Portuguese language, but easy to navigate, even if you do not understand the language.

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Flightradar 24: A service for those excited about flying and keeping track of the flights they have taken and are about to take. Interesting statistics and analyses of your air movements.

The Passport Index: A great and useful site, if you travel a great deal. The service lists visa policies of most, if not all countries in the world for countries and territories of your choice (could be the passport, you travel on). Frequently updated and, as I mentioned, accurate, reliable and fun to use due to its graphics and handy filters that one can use.