Travelling and exploring the world

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From a young age, I've always harboured a dream of exploring the world. Born with a disability in a communist country where travel was deemed a privilege reserved for the elite, I feared my physical condition and limited access to a passport would forever hinder my wanderlust. Yet, in an unexpected twist of fate, I've been granted the joy of traversing our planet in the most remarkable ways. Traveling isn't just a hobby for me; it's a defining aspect of my professional life. I constantly seek out new destinations, encounter diverse situations, meet new people, and immerse myself in different cultures. I consider myself incredibly fortunate. This experience underscores a valuable lesson: never abandon your dreams, for they can indeed materialise. So, it turns out the dream of exploring the world came true for a boy from a quaint provincial town in southern Poland.
The map below highlights the places I've had the privilege to visit and explore thus far.
Below, you'll find some travel resources that I frequently utilise, which you might find helpful as well:

Obidos: An official website of Obidos, a town in Portugal, which has become my adopted home.

Nowy Sacz: The official website of Nowy Sacz, the town where I was born and raised, located in the southern part of Poland.

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Caracas: The official website of the Caracas Municipality, the capital city of Venezuela, where I relocated in August 2023. The website is available in Spanish.
Residency, family and life in the European Union: A website offering links and resources related to traveling to and within the European Union, as well as information on settling down, working, and living in EU countries.

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Journey Latin America: An inspirational travel website highlighting must-see destinations across Central and South America.

Descobrir Portugal: A website showcasing the beauty and attractions of Portugal, featuring stunning photographs and inspiring suggestions for places to visit if you're planning a trip. While the content is primarily in Portuguese, the site is user-friendly and easy to navigate, even for those who don't speak the language.

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Flightradar 24: A service designed for aviation enthusiasts and frequent flyers, this platform allows users to track and manage their past and upcoming flights. It offers intriguing statistics and analyses of your air travel patterns, providing valuable insights into your journeys.

The Passport Index: A fantastic resource for avid travellers, this website provides comprehensive visa policy information for nearly every country and territory worldwide, tailored to the passport you hold. It's regularly updated and boasts accuracy, reliability, and user-friendliness. Its engaging graphics and convenient filters enhance the browsing experience, making it both informative and enjoyable to use.