welcome to romanmajcher.eu Currently in Panama City, Panama

Settling in…


I have purchased a car in Panama!

Ready with last touches in my Casco Viejo's apartment.

Presenting on use of technology for early warning systems, and humanitarian interventions to representatives of the European Union, United Nations, Red Cross and NGO representatives from Latin America and the Caribbean regions.
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Gearing up for the end of 2019


Recovering from a trip to Canada and Portugal.

Preparing for potential responses to humanitarian crises in the Americas.

Getting ready for the end of the year.
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New pictures from the last trip to Portugal


New gallery of pictures from Óbidos and the surroundings.
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Enjoying Portuguese autumn


Exploring new places in Portugal.

Preparing for filing my application to become a Portuguese national.

Going back to the Americas tomorrow.
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New pictures from Ontario of Canada


Celebrating Halloween and my 47th birthday with friends in Toronto! A new photo gallery from Canada's Ontario is online now!
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