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Resilient communities in Bolivia 🇧🇴

La Paz, Bolivia; January 2020

Right after visiting Ecuador, together with my colleagues, we went to Bolivia. When in the country, we had a chance to visit a number of interesting humanitarian projects in La Paz, the capital of the country, as well as Santa Cruz and Robore in its eastern parts.

It was my second trip to Bolivia, and partially was supposed to be a follow-up to my previous visit, when we were dealing with the forestal fires in the Bolivian parts of the Amazon Forest.

Here comes the link to the pictures from this trip. I hope you will enjoy the presentation.

Quito and the Bolivar Province 🇪🇨

Quito, Ecuador; January 2020

In January 2020, together with Nicolas, my colleague from the office in Panama; and Ana Maria, from the office of Quito, we visited some of the projects that we our organisation co-finance in the country.

The projects in question are in Bolivar Province and Quito (national coverage) and deal with preparedness to disasters (especially earthquakes), as well as help some of the communities affected by 2018 earthquake to get access to potable water.

The projects are all very interesting and bring us lots of ideas on how to move further.

Also, I am so extremely impressed by Ecuador, as the country. It is beautiful beyond imagination, and very friendly.

Enjoy the pictures at this link!

Greetings to you all!

Tahir's visit to Panama 🇵🇦


My first Christmas and New Year's Eve on American soil were spectacular and memorable for various reasons.

First of all, the arrival of Tahir to Panama brought me lots of joy. It is so good to be able to welcome him here in Panama, and see him enjoy his new life, and thrive, despite all the challenges that his life in Canada, at times poses…

The joy was enhanced, as we managed to travel a great deal around the country, during the three weeks of his stay. Not only had we explored Panama City, we also visited its surroundings (Gamboa and Veracruz), as well as travel to the Chiriqui Province in the west of the country as well as the Isla Grande in Colon Province.

Travelling around the country proved that Panama is extremely beautiful and friendly. The nature is spectacular and the people are very friendly. What surprises me is that in spite of its fantastic variety that could charm the most demanding person, the country is relatively little known and discovered by the visitors. It is Costa Rica that tends to attract most of the travellers in Central America (and for some good reasons, as it is extremely beautiful and friendly), but I think that you should also consider Panama, when you have a chance… you should not regret it!