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The strangest Easter ever

My Casco Viejo apartment, Panama City, April 2020

The Easter of 2020 has just passed. Alone, in the confinement, with lots of time at hand to ponder and wonder… reading books, writing letters, sleeping, talking to plants, watching the world I know collapsing, trying to make sense out of it all, channelling support to migrants in Panama to help them make their ends meet, being horrified with the tragedy of Ecuador, stunned by what happens in the United States (on so many levels), talking to Mum and laughing together at the absurdity of the situation that we are experiencing, trying to work out how to design humanitarian intervention in northern Argentina with nearly no money, thinking of Portugal, being proud of Tahir, missing Nowy Sacz… This was my Easter 2020… the weirdest I have had so far…

It is a big thing to state the you have genuinely had the weirdest experience of your life, right?