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Now in Panama City, Panama

Last two months…


Writing up reports and stories from my last humanitarian fact finding mission to the border between Mexico and the USA.

Starting practical preparations for my move from Panama to Venezuela.

Making plans for a visit of my friend, Christine, who is coming to Panama to spend a weekend with me.

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New photo album from Mexico - USA border


A photo album from Mexico's Ciudad Juarez, featuring on issues around migrants trying to make it to the United States.

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Migration crisis


Changes to the US asylum seeking laws trigger a crisis in northern Mexico.

Travelling to the City of Juarez with a fact finding mission to learn about the humanitarian consequences for migrants and host communities.

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Preparing for my departure from Panama


Reflections of my trip to Venezuela.

Getting ready for my departure from Panama.

Plans for May and weeks to come.

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Pictures from my first trip to Venezuela


As I travel to Venezuela for a first time, and learn about the country, I take pictures along the way to create my new memories from my new 'soon-home-to-be'.

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