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Now in Panama City, Panama

Gearing up towards the end of the year


Back to Panama from my trip to Portugal, where I celebrated my 50th birthday.

Preparing for a trip to the Chilean Andes, to visit the project helping Venezuelan refugees entering the country.

Preparing for interviews for my potential deployments after my mission in Panama finishes.

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New photo album from a stopover in New York


Pictures documenting my short stopover in Manhattan, while changing flights from Lisbon to Panama City.

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New photo album from Portugal


Pictures reporting on my 50th birthday celebrations in various parts of Portugal.

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Birthday celebrations


Celebrating my birthday in Portugal with friends and family.

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Family's reunion in Portugal in two weeks!


Travelling to Portugal for my 50th birthday anniversary.

December in Chile, visiting projects serving refugees from Venezuela.

Preparing my applications for 'after Panama' posting.

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