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Now in Panama City, Panama

Restrictions easing up at last?


Panama is easing some of the lockdown restrictions, as the number of active COVID cases lowers slightly.

Trying to find flights to visit family in Poland
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Back online!


Back online after a longer break caused by illness (coronavirus): fully recovered and getting my energy back
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The fifth month of the lockdown


July 2020 marks the beginning of the fifth month of the lockdown related to COVID-19 restrictions
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2020 summer updates


Some reflections on the events of 2020.

Presidential elections in Poland are entering its final stage this coming weekend, as the citizens go to polling stations to choose their candidate of the runoff stage.

Four years of my residency in Portugal has been completed and I am now starting preparing for submitting my application for the permanent residency in the country
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Five months under quarantine, as the lockdown continues


The spread of COVID continues to be uncontrolled in Panama, and the country appears to be failing in provision of protection that would shield its residents from the economic catastrophe and mental health fallout.

The results of the first round of presidential elections in Poland does not look optimistic, as far-right and nationalistic candidates score remarkably well
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