welcome to romanmajcher.eu Currently in Panama City, Panama

In a planning mode


Wrapping up on my recent humanitarian missions in various countries of Latin America.

Preparing for the presentation on our work at the conference in Cartagena of Colombia.

Excited to be going home for Easter!
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Making sense of it all after travelling to Argentina


While recovering from a tiring trip to northern Argentina, I am struggling to make sense of the extreme social inequality that I had a chance to observe.
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A new gallery of pictures from Argentina


As the trip to Argentina has just reached its conclusion, here come some pictures from the mission to Buenos Aires and Salta provinces.
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A humanitarian mission to Argentina


As norther Argentina is struck by a severe food security crisis, together with other humanitarian colleagues, we are travelling to the affected zones, to learn about what could be done do help the affected communities.
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Assumptions can be deadly!


Brazil is teaching us a lesson that refugee laws can and should be welcoming and benefit the country.

Preparing for a trip to northern part of Argentina to learn about the ways of supporting local organisations in their efforts of helping victims of the severe food security crisis.
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