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Archives (29th July 2018): Happy Birthday, Tahir!

It is Tahir’s birthday today! It is bittersweet this year. He is detention - and it is a hardly any reason for celebration, or being happy - especially when taking to consideration that he is punished for daring to run for his life. Then, the wonderful news is that it is his birthday before he officially becomes the resident of Canada and has a chance to re-start his life as a resident with rights and obligations and without a fear of being harassed and intimidated by authorities or police! The sweet part of the ‘bittersweet’ is much more worth of concentrating on! Happy Birthday, Tahir! May it somehow still be a great day - even if behind the bars, and may you have a wonderful year ahead of you - in the new country, with tonnes of new friends, great opportunities and exciting adventures! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

It is still 18 days to go to Tahir’s departure to Toronto. Considering the circumstances, Tahir is okay. Many of us here in Bangkok have a chance to communicate with him daily. He seems cheerful and in good spirit, even if he is a bit tired due to sleep depravation (there is no enough space for everyone to sleep comfortable, so inmates need to take turns to sleep for a few hours, and then make space for other people to sleep). The inmates are friendly and they all spend their time by playing cards, and watching TV. They occasionally have a chance to exercise a little and play soccer at the IDC’s yard.

With regards to actual preparations for his departure to Canada, we are pretty much ready. Clothes and basic stuff to get him started in the new country is bought, and ready to be delivered to the airport, when he eventually goes in the middle of August. Tahir is also receiving his official 'Canada Orientation’ briefings that are delivered to him at the detention centre by the International Organisation of Migration (IOM) on behalf of the Embassy of Canada to Thailand.