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Archives (7th November 2017): A week in Sri Lanka

The week in Sri Lanka went really fast. The Civil Military Coordination in Humanitarian Response training was phenomenal. Enjoyed the interaction with the civilian staff and the military service people on how they say their role in providing aid to people under humanitarian emergency. The course was very well conducted and inspirational. You can read more about it in my previous post here.

As my visit to Sri Lanka coincided with my birthday, I decided to treat myself and take a weekend off sightseeing Colombo and some costal villages south of the capital. It was the best thing I could have done… The country is magnificent, nothing short from being breathtaking, and the Sri Lankan people are just wonderfully nice. If you ever have a chance to visit the place, do go! Should you wish to see some pictures from the visit, you may do so under this link.

When in Sri Lanka, we got some good news from the Canadian authorities on Tahir. We received the confirmation that his application has officially entered the vetting process and is now under consideration of the Canadian High Commission in Singapore. While it is difficult to judge how much time it will take to process it, my guess is that we should hear an official answer on whether Tahir will be resettled to Canada or not within next 10 months. Seems long, but when you take things in perspective, it is an exciting development.

The end of the year will surely be busy. In two days, I will be travelling to Dhaka in Bangladesh, and then will also likely to spend some time in December in Myanmar. Both of the visits relate to the Rohingya crisis. I also plan to take my remaining 10 days of holidays before the end of the year, and if this works, there are some potentially nice plans ahead… May go to Portugal again, but also will spend some time in Thailand travelling around the country with Tahir. Some of Tahir’s sponsors from Canada are likely to visit Bangkok too, which will give us a chance to spend sometime together!

I am guessing that my next post will be from Bangladesh. Until that happens, stay well wherever you may be in the world!