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Christmas Eve and the tsunami response

I have arrived to Jakarta now, and trying to relax on my Christmas Eve at the hotel. It is a strange feeling to be here. The hotel is full of happy and cheerful people, celebrating the December festivities. Christmas trees, carols, decorations, smiling faces. It actually has a nice feeling.

Then, just 200 km away, to the west of Jakarta, around 400 people lost their lives yesterday due to the tsunami. I have just read the latest reports. The news is scary. Except the mind-blowing death-toll, hundreds of people are injured, many are missing and over 11,000 people are now homeless.

Tomorrow, together with our partners, I am hoping to make it to Pandeglang District, which is the most affected by the calamity, so that we can understand better what the needs are, and what should be done to respond to the basic necessities.

I guess, I am going to have emotional Christmas, but then somehow, I am glad that I am here and I have a chance to be working for the people in need of assistance. I am going to be trying to do the best job I can muster, to the best of ability of the organisation I work for.

When I have a chance, I will report on my observations from the trip to the disaster zone. In the meanwhile, wishing you all Merry Christmas!