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Archives (23rd July 2018): Four days of detention

Tahir has been in detention already for 4 days. Last Saturday, he went to court and was sentenced by the Thai authorities for being an ‘illegal’ migrant, and now is waiting for his ‘deportation’ to Canada.

It is one of the most stressful time that I have recently experienced, but I also have to say that things are not as traumatic (at least for a time being) as I expected them to be. We do have some contact with him, and we gather that although the conditions at the IDC are horrible (by any standards), the inmates that he is with are allegedly friendly and kind people. They all seem to supporting one another, and there are little signs of abuse happening.

So things are horrible, but Tahir seems to be hanging on well. Please keep your fingers crossed, as we wait for his departure from the country.