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Another attempt to travel. Will it work this time around?

Approaching the Tocument International Airport, Panama City, June 2021

After the unsuccessful attempt of the mission to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG), I have been dealing with the consequences of the 'false negative' COVID test (mainly forced self-isolation), and trying to re-arrange the trip from the scratch.

Now, after writing dozens of emails back and forward, additional new COVID tests (all negative), I am set to try travelling again on Friday.

Not all of the obstacles are out of the way yet. Before boarding the plane, I will need to carry another COVID test on Wednesday. I am a bit worried of it, given that experience shows that the laboratories can mess-up, and indeed, if it happened once, it may happen again!

However, if all goes according to plans, I will be in Miami on Friday, stay there for an afternoon and the night, and then continue travelling to Kingstown, the capital of SVG on Saturday.

Then, I will be in the country for 2 weeks, before returning to Panama. I will write about the mission more, already from the country, if I get to reach my destination! Wish me luck!