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Good bye, Thailand

Athenee Tower, Bangkok. The building where my office is located.

So it all happened. I returned my work laptop, handed over the office keys, and left the Athenee Tower building for the last time. My Thailand life chapter is coming to the end. Tomorrow, I am flying out of the country.

My last days in the office was really nice. I managed to finish all of my pending tasks, and then met with colleagues a bit less formally to offer them my appreciation and thank them for the common time, we spent together.

In the evening, some of my colleagues, and friends from other walks of life, and I went to a small bar in the neighbourhood to have a glass of wine. It was a splendid evening, full of laughter and memories of the Thailand time. I will have very fond memories of the country and my time here!

Now it is time to travel home to Poland, to meet Mum, Tahir (who got his visa), family and friends!

Thank you, Thailand! Thank you, beautiful people. I will miss you, but I hope to be able to visit again!