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Ciudad del Saber

Ciudad del Saber, Panama City, my future office (temporary building). Photo credit goes to my EU/ECHO colleagues in Panama City)

Today, my colleagues from Panama City sent to me some picture to show me how our new office looks like. Out offices are located in an experimental social research part of Panama City known as 'Ciudad del Saber', or City of Knowledge (in English). Initially, we are going to co-host our office with colleagues from the Spanish Cooperation (Development Agency of Spain), but a few months later, we will have our own 'stand alone' building. It just needs to be rehabilitated, before we move in.

A view from our new temporary office. Photo credit goes to my EU/ECHO colleagues in Panama City.

Our future permanent office, which is now under rehabilitation (we should be able to move there in early 2020). Photo credit goes to my EU/ECHO colleagues in Panama City.

The pictures made me very excited and now, I am really looking forward to be moving to the new place in August!

In the meanwhile, I am in the middle of writing my handover reports, packing and arranging my last work missions to Indonesia and the Philippines. It is busy, but it also makes you feel that time flies Winking

We are still waiting for the outcome of Tahir's application for his Schengen visa. It will take some more weeks. I am very hopeful that he will be able to visit Poland, while I am there in July.

The progress on transferring my pictures from Facebook to Google Pictures is going on well. I am more or less half way through. Still lots of work to do, but I am very happy with the outcomes so far (
you can check for the progress yourself at this link. Galleries with little flags are already transferred to Google Pictures), and with the process, which is very sentimental Happy